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I am a marketer with a multi-disciplinary approach: working for top corporates I've learned the effectiveness of a strategy that leverages on consumer insights and real facts analysis. I have a data driven approach in advertising and marketing, focused on results and measurable goals, without forgetting that creative makes the difference.

Consumer Insights, Technology, Measurement

A transforming society needs marketers natural born researchers and early adopters. Keep me updated on latest trends means that I can bring to business a fresh and holistic overview of what is happening in the market, to build a real and relevant relationship with customers

Content is the way

People are heavy content consumers: videos, posts on social media, events, any kind of content is good to create a reason to enjoy a branded experience -almost- every day.
Brands understanding that 50-80% of ROAS is from creative -according to a Nielsen Catalina Research- can offer consistent experiences to people transforming them in brand lovers.

Consistent and frequent deliveries

Whereas you wait for the agency to release the new website, there are thousands customers you are missing, losing revenues and opportunities. I keep the to-do-list very short with an AGILE method, on any single task I am committed in. I am used to work across several projects simplifying processes, delivering value day by day.


Digital Business Consultant

Digital Business Consultant

The Nielsen Company

Marketing Effectiveness of digital and multi-channel campaigns (Display, Native, Social, TV,...) and custom media analytics research.
Coordinator and in charge of the delivery for top advertisers

Social media strategist

Social media strategist


Consultancy and perpetual trends scouting for the #2 global motorbike website - according to Alexa.
Branded and editorial contents, content strategy and distribution.
In charge of the social media buying.

Account Manager

Account Manager


Developing digital and field marketing initiatives to reach out Millennials in an effective way. Innovative branded contents and digital touchpoints activation.
Coordinator of the production and in charge of delivery for major agency clients




Working across marketing and sales department with operative responsability to manage digital marketing projects: Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Music Sponsorship, OTT content distribution

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