Simone Fogli

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Digital Strategy

Analytical Mindset

Social Media



Four things I've been doing daily since I started my career

Project Management

I spent the 2 last years managing several digital and social media marketing projects

Digital Strategy

Broad band surfer since I was 10 (1999). I am not a developer but trust me, I have both my eyes looking to the future.

Social Media

How to be viral? Just catch interest of people, give them emotions, interact with them. Goals achievement guaranteed


Think, Concept, Plan, Act and then... be patient. After all, it takes 9 months to have a baby. Only a pizza is ready in 3 minutes.


People I've been working with: these are their words describing me


What I've done, in few words
  • 2015

    Business Consultant @Nielsen Company

  • 2014

    Account Manager @ZooCom

    Facebook, youtube, video productions, influencer, media partnership, funnel optimization, web analytics, display, event management

  • 2013

    Project Manager @Kiver

    inbound marketing, influencer and fashion bloggers, YouTube monetization, rewarding, loyalty digital programs, music distribution, YouTubers